Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is amazing. The first word that came out of my mouth when approaching the park is “wow.” The sheer beauty of the water, trees, mountains, and landscape is breathtaking.

My friend and I stayed at Glacier for 4 days and tried to visit/see as much as we could…that still was not enough time. The entrance fee if you’re entering with an “in-state” vehicle is $35 and the pass is good for a week. Definitely a great deal with as much as there is to see and do.

“wow. the mountains and green trees are absolutely amazing.”

Our first destination was Fish Creek Campground right next to Lake McDonald, which is one of the most photographed lakes in the park. I chose this campground due to it’s proximity to the lake so we could get some fishing and kayaking in. The camp spot was reserved for a couple of days and when entering, we were greeted by a camp host who was excellent.

Even at first glance, the campsite looked great, especially after talking to the camp host. The campground provided a lot of activities, had decent bathrooms, and was near the lake (campgrounds A&B are very close, C is farther away…we were at C). Once we started to drive through the campgrounds though, we began to not like the location. The site was already full, so thankfully we had our reservation.

Our camp site was tiny. With my truck and small trailer, it was extremely difficult to park in the allotted spot. Furthermore, the mosquitoes were ridiculous and the biggest downside was the area provided for the tent; it wasn’t big enough at all. If we set it up, we would have been no more than 2 feet away from the RV at the next site. With their generator already running, it was too noisy. Once we looked around the rest of the campground, every place was packed…the area was simply too small for all the campers. We decided to go elsewhere to find a place to stay.

Unfortunately, we were also unable to fish and kayak due to the weather. The wind was terrible and the lake had white-capped water off the shores. Since things weren’t going as well as we hoped, we left the park to seek out a less packed camp ground. Thankfully right down the road we found a hidden gem…this was the West Glacier KOA Campground. More on this in another article. Click here to read up on that camping adventure.

Once we were able to secure a great place to stay for a few days, we ventured back in to the park to do a bit of sightseeing and find some food. Apgar Village caught our attention and is a pretty cool place. There’s quite a bit of gift shops, restaurants, and decent places to buy firewood. We were able to get 3 big bundles of wood for $13…not a bad deal at all!

After some food and beers made in Glacier, we decided to head back to the campground to plan out our adventure for the next day. At the campground, nearly everyone working at the KOA recommended the Many Glacier hike. The biggest problem though was that the main road throughout Glacier, Going to the Sun Road, was closed. However, the road was expected to be open the next day. If not, it would be a 2 1/2 hour drive north to get there. So, we decided to hit Many Glacier the next day.

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