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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Some of my favorite gear

I do not use the most expensive or the cheapest. I use what I believe is the best.


I use an Orbea Mountain Bike to tackle all my trails. It's a fairly light weight, hard-tailed bike with disk breaks. The front shock is perfect for going over bumps and can be locked when going up hill so you do not waste energy.



One of my favorite kayaks is the Pelican Strike 120X. There is plenty of room for all your fishing gear, a great cargo area, 2 rod holders, paddle tie-downs and a swivel rod holder. The seat is actually quite comfortable and you can adjust the foot rests to your liking. Another great plus about this kayak is that I rarely, if ever get wet. It's fairly light (about 55 lbs) 10 ft long and the maneuverability is great as well.


Camping Gear

My tent of choice is the Kelty Horizon 2. It's extremely light weight and set up is a breeze. The cover is fantastic if rough and rainy weather is an issue. There is plenty of space for a mat, sleeping bag, equipment and place to hang a light.



Merrell's Moab 2 is definitely high-quality and the shoe is an excellent fit for me. It's comfortable and what I like is that I do not need to double up on socks to prevent blisters or extra padding for my steps. When crossing certain terrain (steep, wet, or rocky) my traction is great and I never have to question my next step.

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