Holland Lake is a great place for hiking, kayaking, and fishing. Holland Lake also has a large campground and offers lodging. Depending on the time of year, camping may not be great because of the enormous mosquito population!

Camping Info:

There is one main campground with quite a few lots. These are mostly designated for camping trailers, not tents. There are a couple of areas that can fit 4-6 person tents, but you’re extremely close to other people and nearly everyone around has generators running for their trailers. Another HUGE problem are the mosquitoes. There are millions…or so it would seem. This is not a place I would recommend camping.

Kayaking and Fishing Info:

This is a lake I would highly recommend kayaking and fishing. There is a large area to launch a kayak and the lake is pretty large. There is also an added perk: a waterfall at the very end of the lake! You can easily paddle near the waterfall, however when you get closer the land sticks out a bit and you lose the view. You can paddle a short distance away, jump out and hit a great hiking trail that will take you right up to the fall. (More on this below)

For fishing, we were able to get bites right away and caught quite a few trout. In both the deeper and shallower water, our Sure Lure baits were amazing, along with the Powerbaits we usually use. You shouldn’t have any issue catching a great fish if it’s the right time of day.

Hiking Info:

This is a great hike to take in. It is not too difficult (some steep areas) but the trail is well maintained. The hike takes you to a great view above the lake and right next to a waterfall. You can sit on top of some of the large rocks and enjoy a meal/snacks and take in the amazing scenery. There are some some crazy little squirrels that will run and jump all around you too! Just be careful getting to close to the edges of rocks for pictures and be sure to just sit back, relax, and enjoy this beautiful place.