• Iceberg Lake is one of the most amazing and beautiful places I have ever been.
  • This can be considered a long hike for some. Be sure to plan accordingly.
  • There are bears in the area so Be Bear Aware! Carry noise makers or bear spray.
  • A change of socks is recommended since you’ll most likely get wet.
  • Stop by the area gift shop and grab a pair of binoculars. There are some amazing things to see!

Hiking Summary:

Iceberg Lake is absolutely incredible. If I could give it a rating of 6 stars, I would. My friend from California had the best way to describe this location when hiking, “this is the most beautiful place on Earth and beautiful place that I’ve ever seen or been.”

The trail head to Iceberg Lake starts at Iceberg Ptarmigan Trailhead, just a little ways past the Many Glacier Hotel. This is a 4+ hour hike, maybe more depending on your speed and endurance.

I would highly suggest:

  • You stop at the Swiftcurrent Motor cafe/gift store and grab some binoculars
  • Pack an extra pair of socks as you will most likely get wet on parts of the hike
  • Be sure to have bear spray or bells
  • Do not start this hike after 2-3pm as it can get dark very quickly

The hiking trail can be a bit confusing due to different forks, so be sure to watch the route signs and ask people you pass heading back for direction and distance, if needed. At first the hike and scenery is a bit boring as there isn’t much to see. Don’t be discouraged. Once you’re about 30-45 minutes in, you’ll be high up and the scenery quickly changes and is incredible. The open valley and mountains are spectacular. Hopefully the sun will be out and you’ll be able to see the mountain caps, luscious green forests, and wildlife throughout the entire area.

iceberg lake
Click on image and zoom in to get a better view!

As you move further in to the hike, you’ll enter an enchanted forest. If you stop and listen closely, the rush of water can be heard ahead. A great little waterfall s up ahead with a bridge built over the top. This is a perfect place for a small rest and hydration. There are still a few more miles to go.

After you get past the waterfall, the forest begins to thin out and the area really opens up. The magnificent mountains begin to surround you and for a moment I felt as though I was in the Lord of the Rings world. The scenery is simply amazing. In the distance you can see a few waterfalls and your destination ahead. Below are a couple videos showing this spectacular view. (The videos do NOT do it justice!)


As you get closer to the mountains, you’re at the final stretch. If you look closely along the mountain side, you can see mountain goats and possibly mountain lions or bears. The second to last feature is an emerald green lake at the bottom of a rock slide. Depending on the time of year, there may be quite a bit of snow on the ground at this point. It’s easy to walk across, so don’t worry. The end of the trail is just a short distance ahead. There are a few areas, especially with snow, that may seem confusing as there are multiple paths to take. Just keep heading toward the large mountain side and you’ll be okay.

Once the hill begins to descend, the moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. The amazing Iceberg Lake comes in to full view.

iceberg lake

iceberg lake

Wow. What an amazing place. We were lucky that no one else was around. I cannot convey how peaceful and relaxing it was to be at this location. Of course we took a ton of photos, but since we did arrive a little late, we had to leave fairly quickly which was extremely unfortunate. That’s why one of my recommendations above is to give yourself plenty of time. We would have loved to sit and take it all in for much longer. Be sure to check the time and ensure it won’t be dark by the time you get back to the Many Glacier campground. Rest up, get some energy back and make your way back through the amazing land Glacier National Park has to offer.