• If you’re passing near Many Glacier, be sure to stop as there is a lot to see
  • Be sure to check out Swiftcurrent Falls
  • There is a lot of wildlife in the area so be on the look out and be careful!
  • The campground is usually packed so be sure to check occupancy

Full Summary:

Many Glacier is a little off the beaten path, mostly because of the rough road that leads to the lodge, hotel and campgrounds. The destination is definitely worth the drive though!

The hotel is located near Swiftcurrent Lake an awesome waterfall nearby. This is a must see! Park your car nearby and take a short walk towards the river. There are a few trails that go down to the river but BE CAREFUL! It is possible to fall in if it’s wet and you do not pay attention. If the river isn’t too high, you can get some great photos and videos.

If you’re next destination is towards the campground and souvenir shop, keep your eyes peeled for some wildlife off in the distance. There are always bears around so be on the look out and most importantly be careful!