Camping Info:

This is a great place! It’s located just outside Glacier National Park…about 10 minutes away, if that. The campground is massive and very clean. First off: the bathrooms are amazing. I’m very picky about my rest rooms. There are showers available, which are private and super hot (for free if you pay the camping fee). The KOA also has a couple of places to grab a decent meal or snack, along with coffee and even ice cream!

We were in desperate need of a place to camp because we abandoned our reserved spot within the park itself; it was extremely overcrowded and all camp spots were literally less than 8 feet next to each other. While driving around, we stumbled upon this gem of a campground. It was dark and rainy when we arrived, so instead of setting up a tent, we decided to test out one of the small cabins that are available. There are actually quite a few of these spaced throughout the campground. This is one of the smallest cabin, while others can accommodate large families (4+ people). Our cabin was quite comfy!

A couple of things about the cabin:

  • 2-3 people can bunk comfortably
  • You need to provide your own blankets (shouldn’t be a problem if you planned on camping)
  • There is a small refrigerator to keep items cold
  • Plenty of space for coats, bags, etc.
  • A small desk that works for a table
  • An in-wall heater in case it gets a bit chilly
  • The cost was $99/night

The staff are amazing and extremely helpful. Everyone is knowledgeable about which areas to hit in Glacier and when to go in order to avoid traffic. Since camping in the park itself was insane (the camping spots were way too close to each other and PACKED) I would highly recommend this place.

For more information about the KOA, click here!